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British Kendama Association

Kendama: "Elegant Simplicity. Infinite Complexity. Ultimate Fun."

Welcome to the BKA: the ultimate resource for all kendama-related information. You'll find the all latest kendama news, and a wealth of other info on the pages linked below. If you're completely new to the Japanese skill-toy that is kendama,
and don't know what it's all about, watch this.
KENDAMA NEWS (See also the forum, Twitter & Instagram)

--------->EKO 2014 .

Kendama USA and Collaboration .

We are pleased to announce that we have now added Tributes and Classics from Kendama USA to our approved kendamas for competition play. Meanwhile, the community at the forum got together to make a great collaborative video. See this forum post to check it out.

EKO/BKO videos .

A video of the full BKO, edited down to an hour is now out. See BKO 2014 page for the download links (large files!) Plus, if you like your videos more condensed, here's a compilation from Mr Jumpshoe. Also, the trick list videos for EKO 2014 are now out. See EKO 2014 page for embeds and links.

EKO lists are out .

The trick lists for the EKO have been released. See EKO 2014 page.

Sweets are in. BKO soon. .

We're very pleased to now be accepting some Sweets models as Approved for competition play: See the Approved page. Meanwhile, it's only 2 weeks to the BKO. Time to rev up your practice and excitement levels!

Collaborate! .

We're having a collaboration video this year. Check it out and get involved on the forum.

EKO poster .

Mathias designed a great poster for the EKO.
eko poster.

EKO divisions .

Check out the EKO page for news of a change in divisions this year.

2014 European Kendama Open dates .

The EKO will be in Denmark this year.
Check out the EKO page for the initial info. More details to follow soon..

Outlink - BKA Member competition .

News of a little bonus for the early-adopters in the Membership scheme.
Check out the Outlink forum thread for all the details.

Bonus for early Members .

News of a little bonus for the early-adopters in the Membership scheme.

New year, new Membership .

Happy new year to everyone. We hope all your kendama dreams come true in 2014! Also, an exciting piece of news for 2014: BKA Membership is now available! See the contact page for all the details.

Tees and hoodies! .

We have 6 kendama t-shirt/hoodie designs, available in multiple colourways. See here for pictures and links to online ordering.
kendama t-shirts and hoodies

"Click!" is out now! .

Click is available to buy now. See the ebay listing. Happy Halloween!
bko poster 2014

BKO 2014 - Advanced tricklist! .

The advanced division tricklist has bee revealed. See the BKO page for the lowdown. Practice time!

New book "Click!" .

The Void and Donald have done it again. Their trilogy of excellent kendama books is now complete, with the imminent publication of "Click! Beyond the valley of the kendama".
bko poster 2014

BKO Bounty and poster .

We're pleased to announce the return of the Bounty Prize for the BKO 2014. £50 of cold hard cash to anyone who beats the reigning champion Matt Nix in the Advanced Division.
bko poster 2014

BKO 2014 .

The dates and initial info for the 2014 British Kendama Open are out now. Go to the BKO page for the full story. Leeds, here we come!

EKO videos .

You can now watch the full 2013 EKO on video. Go to the EKO page for the download links. *Caution, large files!*. Kendama Europe have also posted some streaming videos of some sections. See the forum for links.

Artwork results .

There is now a gallery page of all entries in the 2013 artwork competition. The winners have been announced on the forum.

EKO results! .

The EKO was a great success and a huge amount of fun. The full results are now up. There is forum discussion here.


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